A very warm welcome to the 20th anniversary edition of Ukrainian Law Firms. A Handbook for Foreign Clients. Our traditional research was launched as usual in January, but was terminated due to Russia’s aggressive war, which began on 24 February 2022.

While the civilized world continues to contribute with weapons, sanction and humanitarian aid, we became even more confident that our fight should take place on all fronts. There is a strong call for continuing economic activity, maintaining our country’s economy and bringing our victory closer.

In July we took the decision to relaunch our research activity.

In our opinion, English language analytics outlining the expertise of legal teams in Ukraine may well become a powerful market intelligence source to speed up the rebooting of economic activity in our country.

Everyone in our country has faced reality beyond any ordinary experience. For ethical and moral reasons, as many people have joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine and found themselves in difficult life situations, we have taken the decision to focus our attention on describing work projects for clients for the research period – 2021, but without the usual ranking tables (to discover the ranking landscapes from the previous years, please go to our Archives).

Some partners of law firms have sent us their submissions from the frontlines. Other practitioners have left the country. It was a matter of choice and responsibility. We truly believe that we should be united as never before, and hope you support this truly responsible decision.

Practice Areas and Industries Review provides for the views from practicing experts on ongoing legislative developments, visions on post-war reconstruction and ways to bring the aggressor to account.

Who is Who section guides the reader through the client work of law firms across practice areas and industries.

We are grateful to all law firms who have supported the project in these dramatic times for all of us. We are absolutely confident that Ukraine is on the right side of history.

We will continue working with you and for you. Onward together to our common victory!

Glory to Ukraine!


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