Editor’s Preface

Deliberate Mindset and Forward-thinking

Olga USENKO, Chief Editor

Chief Editor

Keeping in mind the fact that the legal market follows the economy, nationally and globally, it is evident that the Ukrainian legal market has tightened in terms of clients and projects. However, highly-performing personalities remain in demand. Flexibility, quality and client care are becoming the core of the success.

Some players staked on enhancing their multidisciplinary capacity, while others emphasize their ultra-specialization. Some top managers decided to take advantage of the growth in turnover generated abroad and pursue international approach in their market strategy. Other teams sharpened their focus on the domestic market considering national expansion and local approach. Overall, the deliberate mindset favored by decision makers is forward-thinking so as to retain both clients and employees.

Ukrainian Law Firms 2013. A Handbook for Foreign Clients was prepared to give a unique insight into the development of the national market. The structure of the guide is such that it features essential analysis and valuable data.

The Ukrainian Legal Market provides for an introductory frame of recent facts and major trends. Practice Areas and Industries Review is contributed to by vivid Ukrainian legal practitioners, who carefully studied law and practice.

The Who is Who in Ukrainian Law by Practice Areas/Industries is the editorial section, which is designed to give our readers an exhaustive and precise market picture over the past year, describing available performance of the actors involved.

Continuing the good tradition of introducing innovation into our research, we decided to bring to your attention brief profiles of international players, which do not have offices in Ukraine but nevertheless work on Ukrainian deals through their regional desks and attract national partners.

The research team was greatly excited by  exploration of the market in 2012. We truly hope that you will get the same excitement from reading the findings in this Handbook.