Wind of Change


The economic downturn, which followed the financial boom of previous years, has become an indicator of the ability to create and apply effective strategies on the Ukrainian legal market. It can be considered as a so-called test on management, HR policy, flexibility, ability to react and adjust. Of course, the financial problems of clients spread automatically to their legal advisors. At this point, the diversification of clientele appeared to be an appropriate preventive tool. At the same time, this period is widely considered to be a time for innovations in legal services with a skillful marketing approach and a time to analyze the pros and cons of the applied business model.

Despite some reorganization in the scope of issues covered, the Handbook has the same traditional content. The first section, Ukrainian Legal Market, carries out a general review of facts, trends, estimations and expert opinions. It also provided annual monitoring of deals at a glance. The second chapter, that of Practice Areas Review, covers a broad range of information prepared by legal practitioners and on this occasion it has an extended list of relevant topics considered thanks to the enthusiasm of our contributors. The Who is Who Section is an integral part of the research in the Handbook, as conducted by means of our poll and journalistic tools. Here we reported on the latest achievements of Ukrainian legal market participants and tried to contribute to market transparency from our side. The Law Firm Profiles traditionally contains the contact details of law firms in Ukraine.

Following the examples of law firms, we also decided to do some marketing and refresh the Handbook with new ideas for its redesign and logo. Moreover, the magazine is traditionally available on-line: Introduced a year ago, the friendly navigation and search options serve to simplify the use of the source and make it reliable and suitable.

We will be happy to receive your ideas and suggestions!

Olga Usenko
Chief editor