Top 5 Key Findings from a Survey of Ukrainian Lawyers Working Abroad

The LegalTalents.Report found that the Ukrainian legal market is stable and has a new way of operating. Law firm partners tried hard to send their lawyers to work in foreign partner law firms.

This study focuses on lawyers getting foreign experience to help Ukraine’s legal market.

 Who was surveyed: 53 Ukrainian lawyers working abroad. Among them:
• 87% women, 13% men;
• Various job positions and experience levels;
• Working in different countries, mostly the UK, Poland, and Germany.

Top 5 key findings from the survey

  • Fitting in vs. blending in
    60% liked their foreign internships, while 20% were not satisfied. Those who adapted well to life abroad (57%) were more satisfied. However, fewer people felt fully integrated into their new environment. 
  • Coming back or not
    44% don’t have plans to return to Ukraine. 38% will return after the conflict ends. 18% have decided: 9% have returned, and 9% won’t return in the next 1-2 years. Main reasons to return are safety (65%), family (45%), money (35%), and jobs (32%).
  • Professional growth
    66% think working abroad helps their career. They gain experience, contacts, cultural understanding, and knowledge of foreign legal systems, which can help rebuild Ukraine after the war. 
  • Unclear career paths
    35% plan to continue in consulting, 13% want in-house jobs, 13% plan to change professions. This year, 26% are unsure about their career – the highest rate since 2016. 65% see better prospects in Ukraine, 35% abroad. 
  • Staying connected
    79% of lawyers abroad keep in touch with their Ukrainian employers. 35% still work on projects for their law firm in Ukraine. 40% feel supported by their employer while abroad.
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