Stepping up Recovery Path

In response to the economic recession, the past year was spent optimizing business models, while the new Ukrainian government has stepped into the reform path followed by subsequent changes in the regulatory field. Whether as a result of this approach or in spite of it, we have seen the first signs of a recovery in the second half of 2010. In terms of long-lasting instability a lot of businesses focused on assessing their development strategies. Although it is too early to estimate even preliminary achievements, it is worth noting that risks are becoming more predictable by facilitating positive expectations for growth.

How does this affect legal practitioners? What types of deals and cases have taken place in our country over the course of 2010? The answer to these and many other questions can be found in the new edition of Ukrainian Law Firms 2011. A Handbook for Foreign Clients.

The first section, Ukrainian Legal Market, gives you an overview at a glance of the latest trends, facts, developments, as well as the prominent events of the outgoing year. The second part, Practice Areas Review, describes the fundamental background for the main areas of domestic legislation presented by prominent legal practitioners in this country. The Who is Who section covers up-to-date information as to the activities of legal market participants, as well as mini rankings by leading firms and leading individuals. The last part, Law Firm Profiles, traditionally renders factual details and contact information of law firms in Ukraine.

Having followed the successful examples of presenting the whole version on-line at, we decided to continue this good experience and attempted to make this source more suitable, interactive and user-friendly.

We look forward to receiving your feedback on ways in which the Handbook can be improved for subsequent editions.

The editorial team would like to hope that the following chapters should provide some food for thought.

Have an exciting look back at business regulation and the Ukrainian legal market with us!

Olga Usenko
Chief Editor