Editor’s Preface

Visualizing Business of Ukrainian Law

Olga USENKO, Chief Editor

Chief Editor

Whilst Europe goes through hard times, Ukraine continues to search for its own path for putting the economy back on track. Throughout the last two years a race can be observed to catch up reforms, attempts to reload relations with the main strategic partners and improve credibility. Some investors were forced to limit their appetites — others only started to set their business projects here.

The new edition of Ukrainian Law Firms 2012. A Handbook for Foreign Clients examines annual developments in our jurisdiction. In other words, being used as a reference tool for corporate and private clients, corporate counsels, CEOs, professional advisers and other business oriented individuals, this Handbook is designed to produce a comprehensive outfit of annual legal market performance.

A brief look back at 2011 is presented in the Ukrainian Legal Market, our introductory section. It summarizes annual milestones of market realities. As usual, the legal services market is observed in gear with developments in the economy. In line with industrial specialization of the majority of market participants, our second section has evolved into Practice Areas and Industries Review. The excellent collection of contributors will guide you through the most relevant Ukrainian law issues. The Who is Who in Ukrainian Law by Practice Areas/Industries is often called a structured market players guide. This section is actually our national legal directory. This year we have attempted to ensure both a unique market insight, corporate and individual performance, practice areas and industries-wide benchmarks and developments. In the actual Handbook we also tried to broaden our focus on personalities. Indeed, practicing law is a personalized business. Finally, Law Firm Profiles provides the contact details of market participants for your convenience.

We hope that our long-lasting market presence and national scope will enable us to visualize business of Ukrainian law in one single legal directory.

We are also grateful to all participants of the Handbook for their dedication.