Ukrainian and European experts have analyzed what standards of protection should be present in anti-corruption proceedings

The fight against corruption is currently one of the priorities of law-enforcement authorities of Ukraine and, at the same time, a basic requirement of our international partners. On the other hand, corruption is a transborder phenomenon, and countering it also has a transborder character. In particular, the European Criminal Bar Association (ECBA) has established a […]

Striving for Sustainable IP Protection

Despite the ongoing war the institutional reforms in Ukraine move forward. Intellectual property protection stands out as an exemplary area of progress, demonstrating a steadfast commitment to aligning with EU laws. We interviewed Olena Orliuk, Director of the Ukrainian IP Office, to shed light on the implementation of key laws and the establishment of innovative […]

Completely Different Reality

Since the start of the Russian aggression, Ukraine has been experiencing significant changes in its social, cultural and economic landscape. Foreign and local investors are monitoring the developments and market conditions, confirming their interest as the military phase reaches an acceptable level. We had an opportunity to speak with Andrii Moskalyk, partner at Baker McKenzie Ukraine, to […]

If the Investments Work, all Ukrainians will Benefit

We met Petro Kostiv, managing partner of the American law firm Kostiv & Associates, during the White Collar Crime forum in Kyiv. Petro travels all over the world, but during his stay in the capital, he does not hide his surprise, since the TV footage is different from what he witnessed personally. Why lawyers from […]

Timely Questions

Investment arbitration may be seen as an indicator of business climate, investors’ trust in and predictability of state policies, and reputational concerns for states. We have reached out David Pinsky, a partner in the New York office of Covington & Burling, and asked about the investment arbitration landscape and about his firm’s international arbitration practice. […]

Investments Control

There is an emerging conversation around foreign investments in strategically important companies — is it a path towards modernization and development or a threat to national security? So we decided to discuss the idea of introducing a screening mechanism aimed at controlling foreign investment in particular areas of strategic importance for the economy and national […]

Mindset Shift

The Velvet Revolution which took place in Armenia in 2018 changed the country and society. After a period of calm watching the course of the new political leaders in power, international investors are confirming strong interest in the country. The legal market went through a clear out, which is irreversible when healthy,as intense competition takes […]

More Than Just Business

  During his first visit to Ukraine, Paul Rawlinson, Global Chair of Baker McKenzie, told UJBL readers in a special interview of his vision of the balance between local independence and a global strategy, partnership policy and innovation, as well as the global challenges facing the legal marketplace during celebrations to mark the 25th anniversary of Baker […]

Ambitious Agenda

The policy makers of post-Soviet states as well as prominent thinktanks and independent researchers constantly refer to the exceptional case of Georgia. This country, located in the heart of the Caucuses, has much in common with Ukraine, but has definitely moved ahead with its reform ambitions and transformations.   Alexander Bolkvadze, founding partner of BLC Law […]

Crime Time

European criminal practice varies from state to state. But general trends are rather clear. On the eve of the International Criminal Law Forum, which takes place in Kyiv on 5 April, Olha Prosyanyuk, managing partner of AVER LEX attorneys at law, invited us to join the conversation with Jaime Campaner, managing partner of Campaner Law, […]

Evolving Role

English law is a key export of the UK to post-Soviet countries, including Ukraine. Every year legal practitioners from both countries gather for English Law Day in Kyiv. We met Christina Blacklaws, President of the Law Society of England and Wales, to explore the development of the legal profession, the evolving role of women in […]

Competitive Environment

Australia is often called the remote continent even though its market is mature and highly integrated with the Asia-Pacific region. Inbound investment is leading to the arrival of global players, and technological developments within the country also boost its highly competitive environment. Right after the IBA Annual conference in Sydney, we visited the office of […]

Full International Role

The stable and certainly comfortable business environment in Canada boosts its business opportunities. After a series of mega-mergers across the globe, the legal market of Canada has been empowered with big international players. Tom Houston, partner of Dentons’ office in Ottawa, shared his views on the market landscape and the evolving needs of clients to […]