VII Conductors of Changes forum in pandemic times

Responsibility at the heart of new business and social reality were the core issues discussed during the annual forum of Conductors of Changes traditionally held by Deloitte.

The event was held at the Kyiv Golf Center on 23 September, with every delegate obliged to pass a speed test for coronavirus. In addition, this is one of the few business forums that address the issue of inclusivity and ensuring sign language.

Serhiy Kulyk, managing partner of Deloitte in Ukraine, noted that the responsibility of business is eventually getting broader and encompasses financial, social and ethical sides.

Lenna Koszarny, founding partner and CEO of Horizon Capital, noted that the outbreak of Covid in 2020 revealed real leadership through responsibility of business in assisting with fighting the disease.

The co-founder of Nova Poshta, Vyacheslav Klimov, noted that social responsibility is essential for companies with long-run ambitions.

Yaroslava Gres, co-founder of the Gres Todorchuk agency, renowned for its socially-impactful projects, gave an example of how an exhibition on the personal histories of cancer victims can affect the relevant legislation in our country.

Delegation of responsibility was another topical issue discussed by business leaders and state officials.

Philipp Grushko, member of the supervisory board of TIS, outlined that the mission of a company plays a vital role in its sustainable growth, as each employee may feel personal involvement in a broader social agenda.

Sergiy Detyuk, director of Metinvest Digital, noted that managerial focus shifted into more flexible and adaptable changes, delegation of responsibility on the ground and the broadening bench of power and authority.

Svitlana Panaiotidi, former deputy Minister of Economy, addressed the peculiarities of responsibility in public service and the ability to engage civil servants. The situation is specified by the fact that people appointed for heading state authorities are usually not able to assemble their teams and have to work with civil servants on the ground. The delegating of responsibility and competences is a big challenge, she noted.

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