Ukraine to amend legislation to ensure functioning of judiciary during martial law or state of emergency

Two draft laws have been registered in the Ukrainian parliament to ensure the proper functioning of the judiciary during martial law or state of emergency in Ukraine:

  • Draft LawO n Amending the Law of Ukraine ‘On the Judiciary and the Status of Judges’ in relation to Carrying Out Judiciary Functions during the Martial Law or the State of Emergency (Law No. 7315); and
  • Draft Law On Amending the Code of Ukraine on Administrative Proceedings, the Civil Procedure Code of Ukraine, and the Commercial Procedure Code of Ukraine (in relation to Carrying Out Judiciary Functions during the State of Martial Law or the State of Emergency) (Law No. 7316) […]

Ukrainian energy system joins unified European electricity system ENTSO-E

On 16 March 2022, Ukraine joined the unified continental European electricity system ENTSO-E and completed an emergency synchronisation of its power grids with the ENTSO-E in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Synchronisation process Until recently only a small part of the Ukrainian Power System (also referred to as “Burshtyn Island”) was synchronised with the […]

Competition Regulations and Practice in Ukraine during Martial Law

Russian military aggression started on 24 February 2022. Thus, the end of February 2022 became a critical point also for the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine (AMCU). AMCU then was forced to take rapid actions aimed at ensuring the safety of its personnel and the legality of the competition-related processes in Ukraine.

Considering that Russia’s war against Ukraine turned out to be full-scale, also with Ukraine’s capital (Kyiv) as a target, the AMCU decided to relocate its central office and staff from Kyiv to Lviv and decided to suspend most of its functions […]

Wartime Flexibilities for the Life Sciences and Healthcare Sectors in Ukraine

Since russia began its unprovoked large-scale armed invasion of Ukraine, the Cabinet of Ministers (the CMU), the Ukrainian Ministry of Health (the MoH), as well as other state bodies, have been implementing numerous legislative changes aimed at streamlining and facilitating the supply of required medicines and medical devices to Ukraine during the war and ensuring […]

WTO Reaction to Russian-Ukrainian War

The Russian invasion of Ukraine on 24 February 2022 ruined the lives of millions of Ukrainians. The terrible war has already killed and injured thousands of people[1], destroyed their homes, forced millions of Ukrainians to leave their hometowns or even flee the country[2]. Nevertheless, the effects of this Russian aggression are not only limited to […]

Ukraine Сlosed Four Sea Ports until Reoccupation

The Ministry of Infrastructure issued the Order #256 dd. 28 April 2022 On Closing Sea Ports, which has been registered by the Ministry of Justice. According to the Order, the Ministry closed two Ukrainian ports located in the Sea of Azov (Berdyansk and Mariupol) and two Ukrainian ports located in the Black Sea (Kherson and Skadovsk) […]

Applying Frozen Russian Assets for the Recovery of Ukraine

Starting from the first days of the Russian invasion into Ukraine numerous states including the US, UK and members of the EU imposed severe sanctions upon the Russian Federation. A wide range of sanctions was applied targeting sovereign assets, state and privately held companies, politically exposed persons and high net worth individuals. One of the […]

Ukrainian War Bonds: Invest to Support Democracy

Every single and tremendously painful day since Russia launched its unprovoked and barbaric military invasion of Ukraine, the civilised world has been witnessing the unimaginable bravery and dignity of the Ukrainian army as well as ordinary civilians trying their best to defend the bright and democratic future of Ukraine. Despite this courage, it goes without […]

Simplified Procedures for Acquiring Uncultivated Agricultural Land

On 7 April 2022, the Draft Law of Ukraine On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine Regarding Establishing Conditions to Ensure Food Security Under Martial Law,No. 2145-IX, dated 24 March 2022, became effective. The law aims to secure crop production for the country during martial law. For this purpose, it sets out a legal framework for agricultural producers to have easy and quick access to agricultural land that is not used or to that whose users are currently unable to cultivate the land. […]

Is LinkedIn’s ban on a Ukrainian’s posts a threat to free speech?

There are many ways Ukrainians are battling Russian aggression (“How to puncture Russia’s disinformation bubble”, FT View, March 14). […]