LCF and J&L Consulting enforced a Decision of International Commercial Arbitration Court in favor of a Danish investor

LCF Law Group’s cross-border litigation team acting jointly with the legal division of J&L Consulting successfully recognized, obtained a permit for enforcement, and enforced a decision of the international commercial arbitration in favor of a Danish investor.

The dispute for the total amount of over EUR 700 thousand was initiated on behalf of a Danish company Banke Electromotive, a customer under an Experimental Model Development and Production Contract, against a Ukrainian contractor and was tried by the International Commercial Arbitration Court at the CCI of Ukraine (ICAC).

In the course of the trial, the Kyiv Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court upheld the position of the claimant’s lawyers and issued the permission to enforce the decision taken by ICAC, whereafter the decision was successfully enforced resulting in the recovery of the amount awarded to Banke Automotive.

The project was handled jointly by Ihor Kravtsov, partner, head of cross-border litigation of LCF Law Group and Andriy Senyk, CEO/Attorney of J&L Consulting, supported by LCF’s associates Olexander Savchenko and Vitaly Gorodnyuk.

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