ID Legal Group

Address:  5A, H. Skovorody Street, Kyiv, 04070, Ukraine

Tel.: +380 44 482 5780, 482 5785; 067 719 1177, 066 719 1177



ID Legal Group is a highly-focused law firm specialized in tax law and business protection encompassing the full scope of advocacy, audit and advisory services.

Three entities are united under the trademark of ID Legal Group:

  • Law association ID Legal Group

Law association ID Legal Group was founded in 2016. The firm has a leading role in rendering comprehensive services in tax law, audit, legal and accounting outsourcing.

  • Audit firm EPR Company

Founded in 2011 Audit firm EPR Company is accredited in the Audit Chamber of Ukraine; is authorized to conduct compulsory audit of financial reporting.

  • Attorney association ID Legal Group

Attorneys of the Attorney association ID Legal Group represents clients in court and in criminal proceedings for economic violations.


Our areas of expertise:

1. Tax consulting

  • Taxation in Ukraine;
  • Taxation of separate business operations;
  • Assessment of tax risks for conducting business operations;
  • Development of favorable tax structures for business activity;
  • Advising on settlements with regulatory authorities.

2. Tax planning

  • Choosing taxation models at the stage of incorporation and/or establishment of private entrepreneurship;
  • Developing efficient tax structuring of business activity;
  • Analysis of tax burden and recommendations for cost optimization.

3. Tax audit

  • Preparation for tax inspection;
  • Express analysis of tax risks/tax express audit;
  • Removal of systemic errors in tax accounting and reduction of tax risks;
  • Support during tax inspections;
  • Verification of completeness and promptness of tax payments and other compulsory payments;
  • Examination of separate elements of tax audit.

4. Tax disputes

  • Examination of acts, decisions, actions (inactions) of tax authorities;
  • Preparing objections against acts of tax inspections, appeals;
  • Representation of taxpayer’s interests in tax authorities;
  • Support of court appeal of acts, decisions, tax claims, seizures (arrests), actions and negligence, etc.

5. Other services

  • Registration/liquidation and recording/removal from the register of entities and private entrepreneurs;
  • Obtaining permits, licenses, inquires etc. in supervisory authorities;
  • Tax and financial reporting;
  • Tax and accounting advisory;
  • Handling bookkeeping and tax accounting;
  • Determining tax liabilities, including those to be recovered;
  • Reports and transfer pricing documentation;
  • Assistance with communication/providing explanations on requests of supervisory authorities;
  • Appeal and cancelation of the decisions of supervisory authorities;
  • Advisory/appealing decisions regarding:
    • Unlocking of tax invoices
    • Withdrawal from risky taxpayers
    • Data tables of VAT payer;
  • Support of all types of inspections:
    • Cameral inspections;
    • Documentary scheduled inspections;
    • Documentary unscheduled inspections on:
      • Negative value and budgetary refund;
      • Currency regulation;
      • Transfer pricing.
    • At the request of a taxpayer;
    • Liquidation;
    • Actual inspections of the registry of transactions, production and turnover of excisable goods;
  • Appeal/termination of tax pledge, removal of administrative property seizure;
  • Appeal of order to conduct an inspection;
  • Drafting objections against checking act, administrative and court appeal of tax decisions;
  • Administrative and court appeal of decisions, actions and negligence of supervisory authorities;
  • Legal assistance:
    • Drafting agreements and other primary documents;
    • Civil relations;
    • Labor relations.
  • Advocacy in business protection.

The team of ID Legal Group includes partners and 30 qualified and experienced lawyers, attorneys, auditors, accountants and tax consultants that take an integrated approach to unconventional situations related to doing and protecting business.

The professional experience and expertise of ID Legal Group is confirmed by:

2019 – Market leaders. Ranking of law firms in Ukraine in 2018

2020 – Market leaders. Ranking of law firms in Ukraine in 2019, Ukrainian Law Firms 2020. A Handbook for Foreign Clients, The Legal 500 EMEA 2020, Client’s Choice. ТОP 100 leading lawyers in Ukraine – 2020.

2021 – The Legal 500 EMEA 2021.

The clients of ID Legal Group include famous Ukrainian brands, representatives of small and medium business.