48 Vozdvyzhenska Street, Office 7,

Kyiv, 04071, Ukraine,

Tel.: +380 44 339 9881

E-mail: welcome@expatpro.co

Web-site: www.expatpro.co

EXPATPRO is a leading boutique law firm in Kyiv that focuses on immigration to Ukraine and offers personalized, top quality legal services for expats. Our clients are foreign individuals, businesses and investors pursuing business, employment or personal opportunities in Ukraine. Through comprehensive knowledge of legal, political and business areas, our migration experts will walk you through the jungle of Ukrainian law.

Our team provides professional legal solutions on how to relocate, and reside, and how to start your own business in Ukraine in the readiest way, the applicable Ukrainian legislation. We strive for close communication and cooperation with our clients and continue to support them in their daily business activities and if their needs in Ukraine evolve. Whether you are considering relocating to Ukraine, starting a business there, or simply seeking advice on a work permit, visa, and residency issues, or have other expat-related legal needs, you can count on EXPATPRO.

In addition to immigration and corporate law, EXPATPRO’s practice areas include Ukrainian employment law, legal support for business, real estate due diligence and transactions, dispute resolution and litigation. So, whether you are an employer or employee who needs legal support in Ukraine, a real estate investor who is looking into options in Kyiv, or you have a private or business matter and need court advocacy in Ukraine, EXPATPRO looks forward to assisting you.