Alekseev, Boyarchukov and Partners


11 Shota Rustaveli Street,

Kyiv, 01001, Ukraine

Tel.: +380 44 235 8877



Alekseev, Boyarchukov and Partners is one of the leading law firms that has been operating in the Ukrainian legal services market since 2005. It ranks among the top six law firms in Ukraine and has been recognized by both national and international legal ratings.

The firm’s main clients include large Ukrainian and international banks, commercial and industrial enterprises, and private individuals. It is known as one of the most successful law firms, with excellent practices in representing clients in bankruptcy and debt restructuring, litigation, land, and criminal law.

The lawyers at Alekseev, Boyarchukov and Partners have significant experience advising Ukrainian and foreign clients on a wide range of issues in various areas of law, including tax and contractual relations, as well as protecting and representing clients’ interests in litigation, bankruptcy, criminal law, land law, and corporate law.

Alekseev, Boyarchukov and Partners is a leading firm in
Alekseev, Boyarchukov and Partners is an established practice in