INTEGRITES strengthens the Dispute Resolution practice

Volodymyr Pavlenko became a partner of INTEGRITES and headed the Dispute Resolution practice. The team also joined a new counsel – Andriy Haichenko.

“By far the best proof is experience”. Veritably confirming this opinion of Francis Bacon, experts in the field of evidence, Volodymyr Pavlenko and Andriy Haichenko used their more than 10 years of experience in Dispute Resolution practice as a direct proof of their professionalism and competence. The extensive practice of providing legal services on dispute resolution for leading Ukrainian banks, financial institutions, major companies and multinational corporations operating in Ukraine has allowed them to occupy the key practice positions.

Successfully implemented projects under the guidance of Volodymyr Pavlenko, previously an INTEGRITES counsel, allowed him to rise to the higher career level and take up the post of a partner. His main specialization is bankruptcy cases, appeals against the state bodies actions, corporate and commercial disputes resolution. Volodymyr’s expertise and experience include protection of leading Ukrainian banks and owners, as well as international companies in disputes over recovery and debt restructuring in courts of different instances. Mr. Pavlenko represents the interests of companies such as the National Bank of Ukraine, UkrAVTO Corporation, Piraeus Bank, Alfa Bank, VTB Bank, Kviza-Trade (TM “Velyka Kyshenya”), Puzata Khata, Individual Deposits Guarantee Fund and many others.

The new counsel Andriy Haichenko also has significant experience of judicial work in the banking sector. Andriy directed the legal departments of top Ukrainian banks, representing their interests in matters relating to credit relations, financial fraud, disputes with state bodies, labor disputes, and also in criminal proceedings for economic crimes. Mr. Haichenko is an expert on work with arbitration courts and bodies of the State Executive Service, as well as the member of the Presidium of the Arbitration Chamber of Ukraine and the Chairman of the permanent Arbitration Court at the National Anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine.

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