INTEGRITES protected interests of Euronet Ukraine

INTEGRITES protected interests of Euronet Ukraine, the local representative of the international group Euronet Worldwide, in a UAH 64 million tax dispute with Kyiv State Fiscal Service.

Resulting from a tax audit, the dispute arose in 2018 when the Kyiv tax authority overstated the amount of the corporate profit tax that allegedly had to be paid by the firm`s client for intragroup transactions. When INTEGRITES team challenged the audit’s results, the tax authority arranged another, unscheduled audit. The results of this audit were identical to those of the previous one. Following the lawyers’ recommendation, the client filed an administrative claim to the court to recognize tax authority’s actions as illegal and cancel the tax assessment.

In late 2019, a year after the proceedings have been initiated and six court hearings, Kyiv District Administrative Court cancelled tax assessments worth UAH 64 million. In addition, the court ruled that the firm`s client had not violated tax legislation and kept accounting and tax records accurately.

INTEGRITES team included Oleksandr Onishchenko, partner and head of Domestic Litigation, and Serhii Rymar, senior associate.



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