Piercing the Immunity Protecting Russian Central Bank Assets: Not Yet?

The Russian full-scale re-invasion in Ukraine that occurred on 24 February 2022 has already inflicted billions of damages. Ukrainian defensive efforts are supported by diplomatic and economic pressure put on Russia. In this vein, sanctions and asset freezing have become one of the main mechanisms used by the international community to make Russia cease its aggression and atrocities.

In the course of asset freezing, many states have frozen assets of the Russian Central Bank. The most known example is the freezing of Russian exchange reserves in the USA. But can this go one step further? Could frozen assets become not a mere instrument of pressure, but also be used for compensation of damages caused by Russian aggression? […]

A No-Fly Zone Over Ukraine: An Existential Imperative for NATO Countries, and Why Russia´s Nuclear Threat is a Bluff

Arman Shaikenov is an Adjunct Professor of Roman and Civil Law at the M. Narikbayev KAZGUU University (Astana, Kazakhstan); Valikhan Shaikenov LLM (Georgetown) is the Founding Principal and Juris Consultus at Shaikenov Law Experts (SHEL) (Berlin, Germany); Sergey Sayapin Dr. iur. (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin) is an Associate Professor and Associate Dean at KIMEP University’s School of Law (Almaty, Kazakhstan)

Member States and all citizens of these States substantiates the legal grounds as well as moral, ethical, and military-strategic reasons why it is crucial to provide air support to Ukrainian troops on the territory of Ukraine.  We also refute the threat of a nuclear strike from Russia if the sky over Ukraine is closed by the military Alliance. […]

Analysis of the Free Trade Agreement between Ukraine and Turkey: General Review

Anzhela MAKHINOVA is a partner, head of international trade practice at Sayenko Kharenko; Mariia SHULHA is an associate, international trade practice at Sayenko Kharenko

After almost 15 years of negotiations, on 3 February 2022, Ukraine and Turkey signed the Free Trade Agreement between the Government of Ukraine and the Government of the Republic of Turkey (UA-TR FTA). This article is focused on the analysis of the potential effect of the UA-TR FTA for Ukraine. […]