Asters defended PrivatBank before the Supreme Court in one of the key cases on appeal of the Bank’s nationalisation

Asters successfully defended interests of PrivatBank, Ukraine’s largest bank in terms of assets, before the Supreme Court that on 26 July 2022 overturned the decisions of the courts of previous instances and dismissed the claim of Triantal Investments Ltd, the PrivatBank’s former shareholders, to declare illegal and cancel the order of the National Bank of Ukraine regarding the inspection of PrivatBank, that preceded its nationalisation.

The former shareholders used unlawful decisions of the courts of previous instances (Kyiv District Administrative Court and Sixth Administrative Court of Appeal) as one of the main grounds to appeal the nationalisation of PrivatBank in other court proceedings. The Supreme Court’s decision deprives the former shareholders of one of the key arguments in further disputes related to challenging bank’s nationalisation.

Asters’ litigation team working on the case included partner Andriy Pozhidayev and senior associate Vira Baulina, Oleksandr Yakovenko, Oleksiy Ukolov.

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