AEQUO won final victory in a landmark Сorvalol-Darnitsa trademark case

Aequo defended rights of Darnitsa Pharmaceutical Company in a dispute initiated by Farmak Joint Stock Company seeking invalidation of the trademark certificate for “Corvalol-Darnitsa” (Корвалол-Дарниця).

The dispute had a protracted procedural history. In July 2018, by the judgment of the Commercial Court of Kyiv City, subsequently upheld by the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court, Farmak’s claim was dismissed. Farmak initiated a review of the court judgment in favour of Darnitsa in view of newly discovered circumstances.

On 30 June 2022, the Supreme Court satisfied the cassation appeal of Darnitsa in full and reversed the ruling of the appellate instance.

“Given the procedural history of disputes between Darnitsa and Pharmak regarding Corvalol, the decision of the Supreme Court regarding the Corvalol-Darnitsa TM in this case puts an end to the opponent’s baseless attempts to block Darnitsa’s use of its trademark,” – partner Tetiana Kudrytska comments.

The case was handled by Aequo’s team of attorneys consisting of Tetiana Kudrytska and Dmytro Koroza.

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