What does Belarusian business need to know in the new sanctions reality?

On 17 March 2021 at 13:00 the online conference “What does Belarusian business need to know in the new sanctions reality” will be held.

Legal practitioners, heads of compliance departments, consultants, law and international relations students are invited to participate, and anyone interested in the subject is welcome to join as an attendee. The conference is initiated by REVERA law firm.

“The history of the development of the sanctions institute dates back only decades, whereas the well-known institute of civil law, whose development has been measured for thousands of years. The subject of sanctions from the legal point of view has hardly been dealt with at all in Belarus, neither in theory, nor in practice In contrast, law firms of our closest neighbors, Russia and Ukraine, have developed entire practices on the subject of sanctions. The sanctions certainly have an impact on the conduct of business, both for the companies against which they are imposed and for their partners or counterparties, even those with opposing beliefs. We have invited legal practitioners who are ready to share their experience and to analyse sanctions as a legal structure. We consider this event to be of importance both for our colleagues’ lawyers and for the representatives of the real economy who will have to do business in a changed environment,” – said Dmitry Arkhipenko, managing partner of REVERA law firm.

The experts from Russia, Ukraine and Belgium have confirmed their participation in the conference.

  1. Artem Zhavoronkov, the partner of the St. Petersburg office of the Law Firm Borenius, one of the first lawyers in Russia who dealt with the issues of sanctions compliance and sanctions regulation.

Topic: “US sanctions: a brief overview, tips on sanctions practice, the latest sanctions trends”.

  1. Oleksandr Onufrienko, attorney-at-law, partner of Asters (Ukraine). Oleksandr specializes in the legal arrangements of private equity, and also advises on sanctions procedures.

Topic: “Features of protective clauses in contracts with financial organizations”.

  1. Marat Samarskiy, lawyer of the IEC practice of the law firm ART DE LEX (Russia).

Topic: “Effective solutions in the field of sanctions compliance – from compliance culture to rapid response”.

  1. Sergey Glandin, Ph.D. in Law, special counsel on Sanctions Law, lecturer of the Department of International Law, Faculty of Law, Lomonosov Moscow State University

Topic: “Minimizing the risk of Western sanctions – what a lawyer of a business company needs to know”.

  1. Mergen Doraev, partner of EMPP law firm, PhD, LLM.

Topic: “The impact of sanctions risks on business: What should be taken into account, and what is better to forget?”

  1. Elena Klonitskayais a counsel in the International Trade Group of the Brussels office of Crowell & Moring. Elena has practiced the legal practice of the EU and international trade/WTO in Brussels since 2002. Elena focuses on international trade compliance, investigations, enforcement, litigation, and policy.

Topic: “The imposition of economic sanctions by EU and the Great Britain.

The program is divided into three thematic blocks:

  1. Imposition and expansion of EU and US sanctions;
  2. Risk assessment of non-sanctioned companies;
  3. Sanctions compliance and protective clauses for non-sanctioned companies.

Moderator of the conference: Kamal Tserakhau, a leading associate in the international arbitration and dispute resolution practice of REVERA law firm.

Participation in the conference is free of charge. The broadcast will take place on the Youtube channel of REVERA law firm.

Learn more about the program, speakers, and registration:

Informational partners: Ukrainian law review Legal practice and UJBL.

For those interested in the theoretical side of unilateral economic measures, after the conference an online student debates will be held. The partner of the competition is the BSU Faculty of Law. 4 teams from Belarusian universities will take part in the oral presentations. A professional jury consisting of practicing lawyers will evaluate the participants and choose the winner.

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