Benchers Law Firm


2A Mechnykova St.

(Parus Business Center),

Kyiv, 02000, Ukraine.

Tel.: +380 67 780 0400

E-mail: info@benс

Web-site: www.benс

Specialized legal defense in economic and corruption-related criminal cases, litigation in courts of all instances. The team is recognized by The Legal 500 as one of the leading White-Collar Crime law firm in Ukraine. The practice is headed by Oleh Valendiuk, the managing partner of Benchers Law Firm. Under his supervision, the team represents interests in criminal investigations and proceedings in the most complex high-profile WC and economic crimes.

Main services

1. Comprehensive consulting for large-scale corporate clients, including on minimizing exposure to criminal risks and preventing hostile takeover attempts.
2. Legal opinions and analysis of criminal, economic, civil, and administrative cases with regard to prospects and consequences.
3. Legal defense and consulting in high-profile economic and corruption-related criminal cases.
4. Representation of client interests in civil, economic, and administrative cases before courts of all instances.
5. Legal defense for private individuals and legal entities exposed to sanctions.
6. Representation in slander and defamation cases.

Key team

Our partners possess diverse legal experience with backgrounds in leading law firms, as well as judicial experience in courts that include the Supreme Court of Ukraine and public prosecution bodies, including the Prosecutor-General’s Office of Ukraine and other law-enforcement bodies. This unique expertise enables us to offer our clients in-depth legal solutions and predict the actions of our opponents and so stay many steps ahead.