Sergiy Papernik

Head of Banking & Finance, Attorney-at-law, EVRIS Law Firm


Ukrainian Academy of Foreign Trade, European University of Finance, Information systems, Management and Business.

Practice Areas:

Banking and Financial Law, White-Collar Crime.


Ukrainian, Russian, English

Professional experience:

Renowned expert in banking and financial law. He is talented in challenging new horizons of legal science in the most complicated business cases.

Sergiy’s experience includes legal investigations of offences committed within banking transactions, financial restructuring and other financial activities.  He represented clients before law-enforcement authorities as well as in courts at all levels. 

Sergiy has over 12 years of experience in protection of rights and complex dispute resolution procedures, within the banking system, including criminal cases, litigation, arbitration and restructuring, as well as in the resolution of corporate conflicts.

All this resulted in him being selected the head of the Arbitration Committee for financial restructuring procedure, a new board established in compliance with the requirements of Law On Financial Restructuring.

Sergiy graduated from the Ukrainian Academy of Foreign Trade with a diploma in law, and from the European University of Finance, Information systems, Management and Business with a diploma in economy.

Sergiy is an Attorney at law and a member of the Ukrainian Bar Association.